Miss Earth Internacional 2019

Video interviews with the winners of the Miss Earth International bands

Video intervista a Andrea Constanza Miuller
Video Interview with Andrea Constanza Miuller, winner of the Miss Earth International 2019
Video intervista a Charlie Chiskei
Video interview with Charlie Chiskei, winner of Miss Earth Water - Miss Earth International 2019
Video interview with Dafne Ferreira, Miss Earth Fire - Miss Earth International 2019 Winner
Video interview with Catalina Quennie Isler, Miss Earth Air winner - Miss Earth International 2019

The event will be held on 01.09.2019 at the location: “LAMAMMA” Theater – Bogotà – Colombia

NOW: 8:00 PM NOW COLOMBIA – 2:30 AM 02.09.2019 NOW FROM ITALY

Organizzatori del Miss Earth international
Interview with Miss Earth International 2019 Contest Organizers
Valeria Montiel Miss Earth International 2018
Interview Valeria Montiel Miss Earth International 2018

Receive a cordial greeting from all those who make up the organization MISS EARTH INTERNATIONAL (the art of transformation) and our director and creator Mottatto & Di Giulio, so we invite you to learn a little more about this beauty contest with purpose and cause, thank you for taking a few minutes to learn about our platform.

First of all we want to clarify that our organization, far from offering an excellent show in every edition, also has as its main objective and foundation the formation of excellent citizens, who through various activities during a whole year, have the immense responsibility to satisfy the role of the spokespersons for the ideology and philosophy that we manage as an organization and concept, which seeks not only social inclusion but the development of human values ​​that not only benefit us as a thinking society, but also directly involve and encourage our mother land

In this sense, it is important to emphasize that our participants, for the most part, come to represent their respective countries in our competition, which gives a real international sense to the competition, helping us to promote also the value of interculturality, something very important in this kind of experience. Given that our main theme is quite similar to the one that runs the international Miss Earth competition, only the one from our LGBTI perspective, taking as a goal the philosophy mentioned above, the environmental theme and the art of transformation from man to woman. To clarify that, in addition to managing an artistic concept, we try to express the feeling of belonging and protection that human beings must have for the geographical space in which we live, as well as with its flora and fauna; nothing is achieved by inculcating social values ​​or developing different plans, if we do not first learn to take care of the place in which we live, which, in our conception and vision, is totally vital.

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Daniela Patricia Olvieri Presentatrice
Daniela Patricia Olvieri


Pablo Cabrejo

Winner of the Miss Earth Internacional 2018 - Valeria Montiel

Valeria Montiel - Vincitrice del Miss Earth Internacional 2018
Valeria Montiel MEI18' - 3
Valeria Montiel MEI18' - 2

Winner of the Miss Earth Internacional 2017 - Analia Davila Arenas